Linux build is up!

...And the Linux build is now available. Sorry about the slight delay, Linux is first-class platform for us but we ran into some rendering issues which needed sorting out.  Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 with proprietary nVidia drivers (from Ubuntu's repositories).


OffGrid-Linux64.tar.gz 851 MB
Oct 10, 2018



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FYI: On Ubuntu 18.04 there is a dialog showing that the game doesn't react with options to wait and force quit it. That dialog immedialely gets hidden behind the game window but keeps capturing the input so the game appears frozen. After switching to the dialog and selecting wait the game runs perfectly well. =)

Yep, seems to be an unfortunate combination of Gnome Shell's latest versions being a bit overzealous with this popup (I get the same for almost every heavier application I start), and Unity's splash screen feature.  If it stays as an issue in the long run we can always just ditch Unity's splash screen stuff and build out own, but for now I'd actually wait and see if Gnome gets it back to a bit better balance again...

Does the Linux version run for anyone (except the developer)? I've tested it on three different machines with three different distributions (Slackware64 current with proprietary NVIDIA driver, openSUSE Leap 15.0 with radeon driver and Ubuntu 18.04 with open source nvidia driver), and on all of them there is no sound and the game is just freezing after a few seconds in the game...

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Would you mind sending us a log file to check what's going wrong for you? You should find one  in ~/.config/unity3d/Semaeopus/OffGrid/player.log. Just send it to support(at) and I'll take a look. The build's been tested on Ubuntu 18.04 with proprietary nVidia drivers, at the moment I really wouldn't expect the open-source nVidia drivers to handle it. And as far as I'm aware, others have ran it in Ubuntu and Arch at least without any problems.