Now with settings!

After spending a few days to recover from finishing the demo in the first place, we decided to deal with some of the most requested things (plus a few bugs). So, here's an updated demo of Off Grid!


  • Better keyboard/mouse controls
  • Rebindable controls
  • Inverted axis support
  • basic control scheme for unrecognized controllers (might just about get you through the menu to control options where you can then map things )
  • Added some missing tags for few things that were not displayed by the Help app
  • Fixed some colliders
  • ...and fixed some Lua scripts

Hope this helps anyone who didn't have a good gamepad around!

Files 962 MB
Version 1 Oct 24, 2018 908 MB
Version 1 Oct 24, 2018 899 MB
Version 1 Oct 24, 2018


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